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Our team members

Since its inception, BOILY Ltd. has built a reputation of highly skilled employees, who are competent, rigorously trained, and display great professionalism. Our personnel are courteous and uniformed; they know how to be discreet while performing an impeccable job.

Each team member of BOILY window washing has the essential technical skills to do the work: physical fitness, ability to work at heights, specific proficiency in tackling various unique challenges. Our employees also show a great sense of initiative, passion for a job well done, and a great team spirit.

window cleaning team members on a suspended platform - CSST approved

Teamwork is essential because when working at heights, it is very important to maintain cooperation between the window washers; working together as a team greatly improves the quality and longevity of the work. Considering the fact that our employees often work in conditions of extreme heat, the effective teamwork of our staff further facilitates the speed and quality of window washing.

We have enough staff to perform the most complex projects on schedule, regardless of the complexity of the mandate. The job of window washing requires punctuality and speed: all our jobs are done on time to meet the deadline. When drafting the estimate, we evaluate the duration of the project to ensure that we meet our commitments.



Our maintenance staff employs techniques that are tested and proven to be safe. We make sure to use the proper equipment (cranes and harnesses that conform to the CSST).

Our services are well insured so that our costumers never have to worry about that! Our maintenance staff is fully covered by the CSST and every employee has full working knowledge of practices that guarantee safety for everyone.

The company, BOILY Ltd. holds a civil liability insurance of $ 5 millions in damage. Although our techniques are safe and harmless, it is important to protect both parties in the event of an accident. You can, therefore, count of our professionalism with a peace of mind.