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Our services:

Commercial window cleaning

Our company specializes in window cleaning of commercial buildings at various heights. We offer our services to corporate offices, shops, companies or organizations, public service buildings, factories etc., throughout the province of Quebec.

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Residential Window Cleaning

You own a house, condominium or live in an apartment? You have windows that are unreachable, or too large? Window Cleaning BOILY can offer you a personal interview of your windows at competitive prices.

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Window cleaning at heights

Window cleaning at heights is our specialty. Our services include:

  • window washing platform up to 4 storeys;
  • window cleaning with crane, up to 150 feet (12 to 14 storeys);
  • washing windows with modular platform, up to 300 feet;
  • washing windows on tall buildings (up to 50 storeys);
  • periodic window cleaning
    (professional offices, shops, restaurants, shopping centers and others).

Window cleaning in winter

We offer complete window washing, even during the cold season. This is an ongoing demand from our customers. With our experienced staff, trained accordingly, we can offer our services in the winter as good as in the summer. Windows need cleaning in the winter just as much as in the summer, and we will clean them for you regardless of the season!

Why should it be otherwise?

Window cleaning in winter should be done by professionals. This is a safety issue that requires proper technique adapted to the climate. Our working methods combined with the suitable equipment will ensure quality work, even during the winter.

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High pressure cleaning and steam

In addition to window cleaning we offer the cleaning of areas in all types of buildings: industrial buildings, warehouses, residential and service areas.

commercial high-pressure window & facade cleaning

We can clean a surface from any grease, dirt, paint and graffiti. We are also able to perform the work of stripping large areas.


Treatment against spiders and other insects

Whether in a commercial environment, industrial or residential, we offer a foolproof eradication of insects of all kinds. With our ultra-fast and efficient process, we can provide treatment with no risk that eliminates any infestation of spiders or other insects.

treatment against insects like spiders or others

We apply methods that are safe to humans and animals, and only use organic products of high efficiency in eliminating insects. Say goodbye to the spiders that take up residence on your ceilings, and insects that nest in your plants!

Cleaning and maintenance of gutters

BOILY provides a full service of cleaning gutters. Regular maintenance of gutters is essential to prevent the infiltration of water into the roof (causing significant deterioration), the erosion of your property, and the collapse of the gutter.

service of maintenance of gutters - picture of dirty gutters full of dirt and mushrooms

Cleaning gutters includes clearing out all the debris (leaves, branches, earth ...) that can accumulate and block the flow of water. For proper operation of your gutters, you should have them cleaned once a year. By appealing to professionals, you will avoid accidents and be sure to obtain a perfect result.


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